The road we choose is always right, so fine.

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Hey hey: Jacob, Deadhead/ Basshead from the 608, reggae baby, ska stepper, sensitive pisces flowerchild, drummer. (heavily influenced by Bonham)Tai Chi, Yoga, and Wing Chun practitioner, Wanderer, Nature lover,History buff,I love:DRUMS! Music, pancakes, tea, good vibes, hiking, camping, canoeing, Biking, tattoos, the stars, thunderstorms, sexuality and meditation.I find the human body and mind extremely fascinating.I greatly enjoy expressing myself at music festivals. I like that sense of love you get from everyone around you for those few days. it's truly great.Be open minded and have an endlessly changing horizon, don't worry too much, that is just using your imagination to create negativity in your life and present things you truly don't want. No matter what you've done you deserve respect even if you make mistakes be lovable, it doesn't matter about your looks, skills, age.. You're worth while.

Led ZeppelinThe Grateful Dead SCI PHISH The DoorsTame Impala Los Growlers PondNirvanaThe Cure

So stoked for Bonnaroo!!!

So stoked for Bonnaroo!!!

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